the wild irishman (sextacular_kyle) wrote in wpgpiercing,
the wild irishman

just a warning:

at work yesterday, a man who claimed he worked at electric babylon came in and offered to give one of my co workers free morphene pain killers, and other more serious pain killer samples after she repeatedly told him no.  after informing her that he was once addicted to pain killers and how hard it was to get off of them, he still tried to push this addiction onto someone else.  at any rate he told her that he worked at electric babylon and if she ever wanted some free pills to stop on by.  i work at a head shop so thats why he came into our store in the first place.  

my warning:  it might not be in your best interest to go to a place that has a pill popping dealer doing illegal business inside the studio.  just a thought.

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