Dylan [destroyed] (digitalcraving) wrote in wpgpiercing,
Dylan [destroyed]


So I've recently been drawn to the idea of getting a monroe piercing.. can anyone let me know their experiences with getting one(is it painful/how long did it take to heal etc.) and possibly any ideas of the 'best' place to get it done. :)
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hurts less than the bottom lip and mine healed like a dream. i caught a 24 hour stomach flu the day i got it done and despite barfing every 1/2 hour for 8 hours, i experienced no problems.
I got mine done at Soul Survivors, they are kind of rude but they did mine alright I guess. It hurts like, getting a dental needle put in your gums but up in your lip, you know? Also, they put too short of a stud in and it swelled too much, I had to get in changed. I didn't keep it long, it wasn't placed very well and it got caught on my front teeth an awful lot which hurts when healing. Be careful, I recommend Stacey and Ovi. Tell her about these concerns and she'll make you happy!