paradisefraud (paradisefraud) wrote in wpgpiercing,

gum questions

Well, this isn't a result from a piercing, it's from my retainers pushing at my gums, and likely brushing too hard; my gums are beginning to recede, resulting in what looks like long teeth. I know this can happen when you have oral piercings (the labret backing, for example) bothering the gum/teeth, so maybe you guys can help me out with this?

As gums do not just grow back, I think I have to get gum grafting (where they take a chunk from the roof of your mouth and re-make some "gums" where you need it) sooner than later, and was wondering if anyone here has had that done... where you went... the price range.. any information would be awesome. Going on the internet just results in horror stories and disturbing pictures, heh.

thank you!
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