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Winnipeg -- Piercings and Tattoos' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Winnipeg -- Piercings and Tattoos

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For Sale! 7/8ths stripped wood saddle plugs! [04 Jul 2009|12:14pm]

bought them, tried them on and didn't like them.
delivery or pick up, we can work something out.
leave comment or email great.demand@gmail.com

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Chest? [10 Feb 2009|10:13pm]

So I'm sort of clueless or.... knowledge-less when it comes to piercings..except for how to clean the ones I have ha, but I'm thinking that I really want a piercing like this done:

and after reading about surface piercings I read somewhere that jewelry like this is the best bet?

...so my question is:
a) does this piercing hurt like a bitch?
b) who in winnipeg uses these when they pierce you?
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Dermal Anchors [10 Dec 2008|08:25am]
Before I go calling every known (decent) place in the city about them, does anyone know of a reputable shop that currently does dermal anchors?

Thanks :]
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question: [28 Nov 2008|04:51pm]

i have 6 gauge flesh tunnels, that i have had for 3 years.  my current gauge is now 00, but i have second holes at 10 gauge that i want to stretch.  has anyone had any problems with taking their old jewellery to a piercing shop and getting them to autoclave it, and then stretch your ear with it?  cause i have.  metamorphasis seems reluctant too, and if they won't, are there any that will for sure? i dont understand the problem of using sterile jewellery to stretch a piercing, except for the fact that the shop wants to make more money off of their product.

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lip piercings & strep throat. [26 Sep 2008|01:09pm]

[ mood | uncomfortable ]

so i got my lip pierced just over two weeks ago on both sides, i ended up having to take left one out cuz the ball fell off and i had nothing else to put in it. so anyway.. the right one was doing just fine - healing great - up until this monday, i woke up, and my throat was totally swollen & sore. turns out i got strep throat, also that morning i notice my lip was a lil swollen, didnt think too much of it, i figured id slept on that side of my face. now.. well its awful, swollen (right over the back of it), sore..and ugh.. SORE! but what doesnt make sence to me, if there is hardly any discharge - nothing out of the regular healing process anyway. I am going to see my piercer in a lil bit, but I was just wondering if you guys knew if it is possible for the infection from my throat move to my lip?

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gum questions [27 Aug 2008|11:41am]

Well, this isn't a result from a piercing, it's from my retainers pushing at my gums, and likely brushing too hard; my gums are beginning to recede, resulting in what looks like long teeth. I know this can happen when you have oral piercings (the labret backing, for example) bothering the gum/teeth, so maybe you guys can help me out with this?

As gums do not just grow back, I think I have to get gum grafting (where they take a chunk from the roof of your mouth and re-make some "gums" where you need it) sooner than later, and was wondering if anyone here has had that done... where you went... the price range.. any information would be awesome. Going on the internet just results in horror stories and disturbing pictures, heh.

thank you!
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[28 Jul 2008|10:51pm]

my friend wants to get a tattoo incorporating a Celtic theme. Does anyone here know someone who does good Celtic work? Pictures would be great thanks!
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Monroe [09 Jun 2008|10:26am]
So I've recently been drawn to the idea of getting a monroe piercing.. can anyone let me know their experiences with getting one(is it painful/how long did it take to heal etc.) and possibly any ideas of the 'best' place to get it done. :)
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[29 May 2008|10:38pm]


who has the best jewely prices in the city?  i'm in st.james btw.  as the ball on my circular barbell unscrewed then the jewelry rotated up and fell out.  

x posted winnipeg

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X-posted [05 May 2008|08:31pm]

Okay, so although this is not common it probably has been posted before, but I am curious so here it goes. I have a Monroe, and the inside where the flat backing is the skin has grown over it. I spoke with a Oral Surgeon, and they're wanting to charge like $600.00 to remove it... Yuck to that! Although it is from my own doing of not realizing the piercing was growing into my face I was wondering if anyone knew of a place who removes piercings at a cost effective price. I would go to my Doctor, but she has fucked off to Germany for a year, and I don't know if Walk-in Clinics do referrals. Anyways if anyone knows of a place, or had a similar experience and would like to pass down some info that would be great. Thanks!
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[04 May 2008|11:12pm]

hi all

so I am getting a tattoo on my ankle on thursday, it's of a sea nymph and her hair is going to flow onto my foot.
Im wondering what type of footwear would be most comfy for me to leave the place in. Kind of a silly question, but it never hurts to ask
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guaged piercings [24 Mar 2008|10:24am]

oh wise winnipeg piercing community:
my boyfriend wants to get his ears pierced...both. He also doesn't want them to be small. ie: a larger guage than a standard piercing. What is the biggest guage you can be initially pierced at? Will he have to start with something small (like a 14g) and then be stretched? Also, he wants to go to soul survivors...i know the wait for tattoos there can be lengthy, but what about for piercings?

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Tattoo Question [11 Mar 2008|12:09am]

Is there a decent, reputable place where I can get a fairly simple tattoo done without a multi-week wait? I know I could go to Soul Surviors, etc, but I'd really rather not wait forever to get it done (I have the cash now, etc). Just looking for suggestions :) Ultimately, however, quality will outweigh expediency, but I am hoping I can get both.
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[09 Feb 2008|01:36pm]

hi, i'm looking to get my nipples pierced. girls, i'd like to know your experiences with different shops and where you would recommend. what is the typical gauge, can i get them smaller then a 14, etc. i'm looking for a female to do it in very calm and friendly environment.

also, what should i expect? this is for you too pam. :P thanks for the input! -k-
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just a warning: [07 Jan 2008|02:05pm]


at work yesterday, a man who claimed he worked at electric babylon came in and offered to give one of my co workers free morphene pain killers, and other more serious pain killer samples after she repeatedly told him no.  after informing her that he was once addicted to pain killers and how hard it was to get off of them, he still tried to push this addiction onto someone else.  at any rate he told her that he worked at electric babylon and if she ever wanted some free pills to stop on by.  i work at a head shop so thats why he came into our store in the first place.  

my warning:  it might not be in your best interest to go to a place that has a pill popping dealer doing illegal business inside the studio.  just a thought.

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Crooked bridge. [07 Jan 2008|02:10am]

It's been years since I got a piercing... I decided recently on getting my bridge done. It's really important to me; marking a big change in my life.

Anyway. With those years between piercings that I mentioned, I was sort of at a loss as to where to go. I did some cursory checking on BME and saw that the few (straight) bridges that I could find on the search were done by Kristian, so I went to the Crypt and got my bridge done.

It's crooked. I was super-nervous at the time that I was getting it, and I thought that the marks might have been a bit off, but I wasn't completely sure... I preferred to defer to the piercer's knowledge of where to place it on my admittedly not-so-symmetrical bridge... So I went ahead with it. Turns out that the marks were indeed off (left side lower than the right by about a millimetre), and that one side is placed deeper than the other, as well, which I didn't initally notice, my friend did after I got back from it being done.

I'm determined to get this right. I'm going to call them tomorrow to see what the policy is on repiercing this, but failing that... Where do I go? I can't do Soul Survivors, unfortunately. I got the piercing on Friday. How long after removing it do I wait before getting it redone?
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[11 Dec 2007|09:54am]

 Does anyone know of a piercing studio, or anywhere (safe, clean, etc) that will pierce an 8 year old girls ears?  Just the lobes.   A coworker of mine called around to a couple of places and apparently most wont pierce under 12.    

The requirement is that it has to be done with a needle, not gun.  Additionally it has to be a reputable shop.  Unfortunately in my opinion that leaves out a shop that I know of that will pierce girls aged 8.-the crypt.

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[24 Nov 2007|10:31pm]

Tell me what you have experienced/heard about OVI, tattoo wise.
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new tat [12 Nov 2007|12:54pm]

i want to get a new tat of my dog. i want it to be a portrait, i have a black and white picture that i want to use but i want it to be a color tattoo, i guess im wondering two things. first can a goog artist with a couple of color pictures for reference do a good color portrait from a black and white, and, second, who is a good to go to. i've read some of the posts about marc from soul survivors about how much does he charge and are there other good portraits artists in town?
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[03 Oct 2007|11:18pm]

 where do you buy your jewelry?  i'm looking for 14G for my ear lobes.  i have circular barbells so far.  what do you wear in your ear lobes?

x-posted in winnipeg
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